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Historic houses of worship, landmarks in their communities, are among the most threatened properties because of the delicate care required for historic preservation. The First Church of Christ in Hartford is responsible for the two outstanding examples of architecture in the center of our community: the 1807 Meeting House and the 1909 Church House. We now have a new resource to address the daunting task of preserving these treasures, The 1636 Heritage Partnership, Inc., a secular, non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and restoration of these buildings.


We promote and raise funds to ensure the future of these iconic landmarks. Center Church’s core mission is to become a Center for spiritual, social, moral, and ethical connection and collaboration with the greater community. In addition to providing religious services and education, the buildings serve many community purposes. These include arts and cultural events, historic tours, community meeting spaces and classrooms, and meals for those in need. 

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