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Library Collections Assessment

The 1636 Heritage Partnership received a Collections Assessment Grant (CAG) with Conservation ConneCTion through CT Humanities. An archivist will visit the Center Church Library, located at the Church House, 60 Gold Street, and make recommendations for policies and procedures related to collection care and management. The report will help to decide where to invest limited resources, alert board members to collections care concerns, provide documentation that can support development of a long-range collection/preservation plan, and be used to fundraise for collection projects.

The Library collections include manuscripts, historic books, documents, hand written sermons, photographs, prints, and the Rev. Hawes' library. Some items date back to the late 1700s and also include Rev. Hawes’ writing desk and hand-written sermons. In the parlor are historic paintings of ministers and items associated with Rev. Hawes, including furniture. The Library contains historic and rare books, periodicals, and publications that relate to American and Hartford history, diverse religions, faith, and politics. It is accessible by appointment and used by researchers and historians.

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